April 2017

Reflections of a Skeptic: Screening - Do The Math

EMA April 201735 Chapters

  1. Introduction4:22
  2. Bonus Lecture: Sah Ongoing Diagnostic Challenges31:34
  3. Essay: Maintenance Of Certification: Is The Juice Worth Squeeze?33:21
  4. Interview: Comparison Of Intravenous Ketorolac At Three Single-dose Regimens For Treating Acute …25:23
  5. Reflections of a Skeptic: Screening - Do The Math18:28
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Ian L. -

Melanoma screening is more the poster than colorectal.
Colorectal Screening would have more value for younger persons with more aggressive cancer and there are other options than mass colonoscopy for all between 50-70 by all endoscopists at all centres eg FIT stool test DNA test flexible sigmoidoscopy Virtual Colonoscopy and risk stratification : Obesity Smoking High meat intake Sedentary Life Alchohol use Male Gender : These groups have a lot of precancerous polyps .
Fast MRI for breast cancer is a development and genomic blood tests also .
The classic is screening for BRCA 1 2 for breast ovary pancreatic prostate cancer .
So screening needs a deeper investigation of with newer technology in mind .

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