July 2017


EMA July 201735 Chapters

  1. Introduction2:32
  2. Bonus Lecture: Traps When Assessing The Medical Literature32:25
  3. Essay: Low Back Pain25:19
  4. Interview: Digital Pills To Measure Opioid Ingestion Patterns In Emergency Department Patients With …26:33
  5. Reflections of a Skeptic: Overuse - What Can We Do About It?35:40
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Lawrence S., M.D. -

How do I access the CME test once I've completed the abstracts?

Andrea W. -

Ditto this . . . I'm a little behind on my quizzes . . . ;)

Greg J. -

For those of use behind on our EMA listening, it seems we're out of luck getting CME for it. Seems like a poor decision, leaving many of us long-time subscribers without the CME we paid for, even if we were given notice of it.

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EMA July 2017 Full episode audio for MD edition 310:37 min - 146 MB - M4A

CME for EMA prior to October 2017 has expired

EMA did their best to alert their subscribers of this prior to the merge with EM:RAP on Oct. 1. We apologize for any inconvenience. Per the merge with EM:RAP, you will now have ample opportunity to earn CME credits. Between EM:RAP and EMA each month you may earn up to 12 credits a month going forward! Additionally, you may go back to previous EM:RAP episodes and redeem CME (any episode Jan 2015 to the present, 6 hours per month). On EM:RAP we try to make make the process simple and the question sets are quite reasonable. Again we apologize for any inconvenience and going forward we can assure you any changes to CME will be communicated in an exhaustive manner.