September 2018

Abstract 13 - Recommendations For Managing In-Flight Medical Emergencies

EMA 2018 September37 Chapters

  1. Introduction2:02
  2. Ultra Summary30:49
  3. Rick’s Rants: Unnecessary Antibiotics Hit Home17:34
  4. Time To Talk A Little Nerdy: Pediatric Severe Asthma30:22
  5. Reflections of a Skeptic: Guidelines & Variability12:47
  6. Then And Now: Routine Antiarrhythmic Therapy Post MI7:12
  7. Farewell60s

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Norman P. -

Don’t accept payment, even frequent flyer miles, or it may jeopardize your status as good samaritan

Constantine P. -

So this is tangentially associated with your discussion. I was in Bamako, Mali at the Radisson Blu relaxing during my first night by the pool bar when another guest behind had a syncopal episode.
Background, I'm an EM PA-C who runs the Mass Casualty Preparedness program for Dept of State and was in West Africa working Ebola/Non-Ebola evacuation issues in 2014.
Anyway, has the guy slumps into his chair I run over to lay him on the ground and start my assessment (thinking the whole time "I have NO equipment please have a pulse...). Right after I get him on the ground the other people (Brits) run over grab his feet and elevate them onto a chair. When I tried to tell them he is going to be ok they respond "No we have got this, we're flight attendants...!"
They did relax a little after I explain who I was and the patient did recover. I'm not sure if he sought care afterwards in Bamako. Apparently he had been out playing golf and drinking all day before the event.

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