April 2018

Abstract 18 - Topical TXA Vs. Anterior Nasal Packing In Epistaxis With Antiplatelet Drugs

EMA 2018 April38 Chapters

  1. Introduction2:24
  2. Ultra Summary21:44
  3. Deep Dive24:02
  4. Rick's Rants: Opiate Addiction Treatment23:07
  5. Time To Talk A Little Nerdy: BRUE (Brief Resolved Unexplained Events)27:48
  6. Reflections of a Skeptic: Money and (Academic) Medicine35:46
  7. That Was Then This is Now: Diagnosis of Scaphoid Fracture10:17
  8. Farewell1:09
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Kyle S. -

Can anyone direct me to the optimal "cotton pledget" product, or even better, a video (EMRAP:HD??) showing the placement technique of a soaked pledget in the nasal cavity? I trained with Rhino-Rocket. My bag of tricks otherwise is rather small but I want to use TXA

Stephanie W., MD -

you can use the neurosurgical ribbon from the or and soak it- then layer the ribbon into the nose using bayonet forceps put the ribbon as far in as you can then layer the next length of ribbon right on top of that one, etc. leave it in awhile and remove when bleeding has stopped this is what I have seen ent do when we used to use cocaine in the nose leaving anything small in the nose not recommended due to potential for aspiration

brendan c. -

I know this is March 2019 but in case anyone is reviewing this
"fibrillar surgicel" has a cotton candy texture to it and is perfect as a dissolvable packing that can soak up the TXA. Place it and forget about it. No antibiotics or packing removal. Hemostasis from surgicel plus TXA! Try it!

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