September 2019

Abstract 15: Use Of Sleep Aids And Stimulants Among EM Providers

EMA 2019 September29 Chapters

  1. Introduction6:43
  2. Ultra Summary24:34
  3. Rick’s Rants: Our Prices Are Too High17:11
  4. Time To Talk A Little Nerdy: Statistical Significance17:48
  5. Reflections of a Skeptic: EBM Part I20:16
  6. Then And Now: Saline vs. Balanced Solutions Again!19:41
  7. Farewell2:02
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Karl P. -

Actually if you read the paper the authors indicated that only 13% of respondents had NEVER used a stimulant during their career. All the rest admitted to using a stimulant of some source of which the majority were caffeine users.

This of course makes more sense as we all know that ED MDs are useless without coffee

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