October 2023

October 2023 Introduction

EMA 2023 October23 Chapters

  1. October 2023 Introduction4:22
  2. Time to Talk a Little Nerdy: HARKing16:47
  3. October 2023 Farewell1:07
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No me gusta!

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Kurt T. -

Looking for the EMA Ultra Summary for Oct. Was there one?


EJ B. -

Hello Kurt!
We asked the Ultra Summary Ladies to cover a few papers for the main show this month, so we did not make an Ultra Summary for October. Mel and Megan will still be going over a few of the October EMA papers in the November episode of EM:RAP. So keep an ear out for that if you'd like some spaced repetition.

Robert Z. -

Loved the up front questions to be answered/discussed by EMA.

Kurt T. -

Thank for update. Hope the US ladies are back for Nov.
Have a good day,


james s. -

Regarding emergency physician attrition:
You speculate that the earlier and more common departure of women from the EM workforce is due to adverse factors that affect women more than they do men.

It is possible that adverse things affect both men and women equally, that work satisfaction is not higher among men, and that the more common departure of women is due to more women having more perceived alternatives than men do. Maybe fewer women than men are the primary wage earner in their family. Maybe men face more social pressure not to leave the workforce than do women. Maybe men want money more.

Gregor P. -

Upfront questions are MAJOR improvement and game changer for my style of learning!!! Congrats.

And if summary was based on upfront question posted again + answered directly and in summary - that would be even mire finger-lickin' awesome!

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