Mailbag - April 2019

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No me gusta!

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Dallas H. -

Most of my discharged patient get my work cell number. It lives at the hospital so I explain I won't answer unless I'm there. This provides a stopgap that has served me well. I started practicing this after an EMRAP episode a few years ago and it has been, for the most part, fantastic. I had one patient I saw for vaginal bleeding, stable vitals, stable hgb, unimpressive exam and already had fu with gyn in a week. She called me back 4 days after her visit and said she'd developed a lot of lightheadedness so I had her come back in. Hgb dropped 3.5 grams to 5.5, now manifesting tachycardia and some soft BPs. I'd far rather spend 2 minutes on the phone reassuring a patient or advising them come back as opposed to a bad outcome I find out two years later getting served a lawsuit.

It sucks the system is broken but we chose to be the safety net. I have the luxury of getting paid regardless of what, if any, insurance patients have. I think we owe it to them to pay this forward.


I do expect my patients to follow up with me in the ED. My own primary care doctor's appointments are typically booked 1+ month out. So if anything goes awry with my discharge patients, I am happy that they come back to see me.

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