EMA December Ultra Summary

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No me gusta!

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Lance M. -

Mel, I'm glad you're doing this double summary thing.

I'm going to make the same comment I made on Dec EMA about the lido v. Dilaudid study. I think this study isn't great, nor the conclusions the guys and you have drawn from it, because everyone loves Dilaudid compared to just about anything on earth (the people who did the summary last month sort of made this point to some degree when I listened to it later).

This study did not look at whether lidocaine compared to placebo reduced pain (pain scores are fraught with problems I know), nor did it compare lidocaine to morphine/fentanyl, nor morphin/fentanyl to Dilaudid. I'm certain that in any of those situations, Dilaudid wins. I believe in treating pain, but I think there are plenty of reasons to try something other than Dilaudid to do so, and if lidocaine can provide pain relief without all the problems associated with opioids, I think that would be a better way to go.

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