How is COVID-19 Spread? Droplet? Aerosol?


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Shirin M. -

Ugh--I wished I could un hear this--I liked the optimistic note at the end--but still,.... can I just still be in denial and pretend covid is only spread via droplet?

Justin M. -

I am sorry. I really didn't want to provoke negative psychologic reactions, and I am truly optimistic that this gives us a better path forward. The worst scenario I can imagine involves shaping our COVID response without science (any more than we already have). Please stay safe out there. All the best - Justin

Dallas H. -

Great piece, thank you Justin.

Ian L. -

There are face shields with the surgical mask or and goggles .
You can get uvex bionic face shields that extend to the neck and are reusable they are in the range $A30-55 BUT have no idea how many there are . "Every person should have a face shield " wrote DR Michael Edmonds- infectious disease physician and hospital epidemiologist. IN UCSF podcast july 16 2020 this issue discussed . Dr D Milton Dr M Ghandi Dr Michael Edmond -Dr Michael Osterholm special advisor to President Elect Joe BIDEN is for opening windows and outdoor classes whenever possible in schools and Dr George Rutherford of head of disease and global epidemiology states ":Open the damn windows and let them wear coats " Buffalo News Nov 5 2020 .

brendan c. -

I think you said most hospital have excellent ventilation. Our ER has doors shut and no windows like every other ER in the country. Where is the ventilation?
We have set up HVACs and have a few negative pressure rooms but I would not characterize the ER as a whole as having "excellent ventilation.". Does yours?

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EM:RAP 2020 December 3rd Breaking News: How is COVID Spread? Droplet? Aerosol? Full episode audio for MD edition 11:50 min - 4 MB - M4A