EM:RAP 2020 February Breaking News - 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


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Isaac B., MD -

Great interview, but I'm a bit biased.

David B., MD -

Great interview with a phenomenal doctor!

Alessandro F. -

Any tips or pearls with respect to intubating these patients and reducing the spread of the virus during these procedures? Or just continue to wear the appropriate PPE?

Anand S. -

From Dr Bogoch
I think the key is aerosolization of viral particles with intubating. The hospital IPAC team will have specific protocols this, and likely includes airborne precautions with face shielding, and contact precautions as well.



Gabriele K., MD -

Great conversation. In any discussion of the number of deaths caused by any infectious disease, the health profile of those actually dying from this virus has not been detaile as it should in any such situation. If healthy young adults are dying this becomes a greater concern than if the more vulnerable groups are the primary victims. This information helps to reduce generalized fear but also target the vulnerable for aggressive preventative measures and seeking immediate evaluation with less symptoms such as only fever, etc. I have not seen this breakdown for this virus however.

Anand S. -

We’ve got an update coming tomorrow with more info on that exact question

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