EM:RAP 2020 April 6th Breaking News - Medications for COVID - 19 and Chloroquine Toxicity


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kevin f. -

Any possible way you guys could make these audio files into a pdf document?

Matthew N. -

I concur.

Sean N. -

Hi Kevin and Matthew

We will work on

Be safe


Robert D. -

Can you refer me to the article on the pediatric patient that was referred to?

And.. how much "safer" is hydroxychloroquine (as I understand it, chloroquine in not available in the US, but is around the world)?

Thank you
Bob D.

Sean N. -

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the comments

1) The lowest pediatric deaths reported are following 300 mg, ie, one to two tablets depending on strength.

Here is one of the pediatric articles

Kelly JC, Wasserman GS, Bernard WD, et al. Chloroquine poisoning in a child. Ann Emerg Med.1990;19:47-50.

2) Difficult to say how much "safer" hydroxychloroquine is. Deaths several deaths reported in 11-12 gram range where see in 5 gram range in adults following chloroquine ingestions. For me not any difference if evaluating patient.

In acute poisoning or accidental ingestions would be concerned, observe, anticipate same toxicity and treat exactly the same as chloroquine. Call a toxicologist or poison center for guidance. Do not assume hydroxychloroquine safer.

Here is an article on hydroxychloroquine poisoning

Marquardt K, Albertson TE. Treatment of hydroxychloroquine overdose. Am J Emerg Med. 2001;19:420-424.

3) Chloroquine is available in the United States. The brand name Aralen(R) was discontinued but generic is available.


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