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Saul N. -

I shave right before every shift for a tight fitting mask.


I agree with everything.
One thing I do is spray my car with a Lysol spray that is 58% alcohol. I call it the Covid Car.
I also spray my shoes in the laundry room. I have leather slides I can wipe down. I started with work sneakers and would wash them occasionally, but switched to surface washable shoes. When summer comes I will probably do this outside the house, as I am lucky enough to have an outside shower

Alison G. -

I have a Covid car too! ; )


Another crazy thing l never thought about before Covid.
I always thought the worst l would bring home Would be MRSA or a bad cold. Here is hoping you and your family stay safe.

Daniel W. -

I agree with almost everything. The only thing I disagree with is the use of the same shoes over and over again. I wash my sneakers after every shift. I'm willing to re-up with a new pair sooner than usual obviously.

Benjamin L. -

I just laughed hysterically at Dr. Sacchetti's portion of this, thank you for that.

Margie T. -

Another few hacks:
1) no rinse soap (the stuff you use for camping). I bring it in a small bottle (actually a capped baby bottle to be exact). After shift, I take off scrubs, pour the no rinse on a baggie of diaper wipes, and then wipe myself down. Use fresh wipes to clean off the soap. It may not be perfect, but it definitely feels nicer than getting directly into the car without a "wipe-down".
2) Also, something new I am going to try is a button up scrub jacket. That way, I don't have to pull my outermost layer OVER my face. I haven't done this yet, so can't confirm if it'll be practical.
3) The shoes I use in the car never come into the house without being clean - I dump them in a bucket of soapy water and let them soak overnight. (On shift shoes are taken off before getting into the car, but I need to walk through the hospital in the car shoes).
4) A great hack (I think I heard it mentioned briefly) - if you are changing at work and have to bring your dirty clothing home with you - put the dirty scrubs into a pillow case or cloth bags. That way you can directly put the bag into the washing machine, flip inside out, dump clothing out, start machine. Good luck everyone!

Steve D. -

There are re-usable, washable produce bags that can double as dirty laundry bags if you're looking for ways to reduce plastic waste

Rebecca H. -

This is a side question but i am really needing input on this - how do we eat, go to the bathroom etc throughout the day safely???

Douglas Y. -

My wife made me a surgical cap with buttons sewn on the sides to hold my mask (prevents ear chafing) It is constructed of a fabric that contains Silvadur which is "antimicrobial". It has never been tested on viruses but has been tested against common bacteria. I figure it will give me some protection against head contamination as my hospital is not recommending head covers except for intubations

Viktoria K. -

Another option for carrying home dirty scrubs/caps that need to be washed are reusable diaper pail liners (the ones people use for cloth diapers). They are waterproof, would easily fit scrubs inside, and can be washed along with the scrubs. They can be reused instead of throwing away a plastic bag every time you need to bring home dirty work clothes.

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