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David S. -

The triage tent doesn't seem to account for asymptomatic spread or non-respiratory COVID spread. 2 questions on that note: (1) What happens to the patients brought in to the ED who aren't triaged in to the tent initially?, and (2) Why are we months later without a POC tests when other countries have drive up window testing?

Joshua B. -

Hi David! For the first question, which patients are you referring to? Only suspected covid goto the tent. The rest goto the ed.
We have the cepheid poc test developed by Rutgers but still don't have enough swabs for mass testing

David S. -

Hi Josh! Thanks for replying.

The patients to which I was referring were the ones that aren't suspected COVID patients. Do they get masked up still and are your providers in PPE for these patients?

I'm glad to hear that there is at least access to a POC test now! Our hospital here in rural Ohio is just now able to even do on-site testing. Granted, we have very few (confirmed) cases in this area. Here's to hoping that the volumes will increase for the POC tests!

Stay safe!

Joshua B. -

Everyone gets masked immediately regardless of complaint and we wear n95 all day long. I use my own respirator and face shield for every patient.

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