EM:RAP 2020 March Breaking News - COVID19


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David G., M.D. -

Related and Unrelated to COVID19 , what is the data on treating a pt with a Nebulizer for a respiratory complaint, and any potential to aerosolize or spread influenza, Covid19, or other pathogens ?
thank you

Anand S. -

Not sure about evidence but, any open system (nebs, nasal canula) is likely to aerosolize particles from what I undestand

Owen A. -

What are other providers with beards doing for masks? PAPR for every patient with a respiratory illness or inadequate N95 mask? No cases yet in my area but just curious what others are doing as this spreads.

Anand S. -

Owen - great question. Aside from shaving the beard, I think you have to go with PAPR or something with a full hood. The N95 definitely won't cut it.

Poirier V, Dr. -

COVID -19 is the disease ( clinical syndrome- stands for Cornoavirus disease 19 ) not the virus
the virus : novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV- 2
(Coronavirus Update with Anthony Fauci, MD – March 2020)
just like HIV virus ,, AIDS clinical syndrome

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