Breaking News August 19th: Booster Update


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Shyam S. -

Does it matter on what type of Booster we get (Moderna vs Pfizer)--either benefits or downsides--based on what initial vaccination we recieved?

Joel R. -

Hopefully Co-ComV2 is published soon and we can figure that out

Mel H. -

I am sure they (CDC etc) will suggest get the version you already had BUT there is some emerging data that mix and matching is better AND that MODERNA is more protective than Pfizer for Delta variant. This is not yet peer reviewed so be careful, but here is a reference.

Andrew J. -

If the NIH or somebody would've started enrollment for booster trials back in January, when millions of health care workers and SNF residents got second doses, then they could've given third doses to those folks in March, randomized them 1:1:1:1 to placebo, the same mRNA vaccine you got initially, the other mRNA vaccine, or J&J. Then in May those trial participants would've completed 2 months of follow-up, and we'd be going into this with some actual data on efficacy and safety. Hindsight is 20/20.

tom f. -

very fine rundown. thanks Mel and Swami

Michael M. -

Mel, did you say chance of being admitted for Covid if you are vaccinated is 0.06%, and chance of dying is 0.006%? Where did that data come from?
Mike M

Mel H. -

It was from Israel. From a snapshot over a few weeks. Now CDC and LA county has better data. Shows the same basic idea. Vaccines reduce infection a lot but not 100% but prevention from death and ICU stay remains exceptional

Katie S. -

In the vein of covid news, there seems to be a renewed push at the state and national level for monoclonal antibody treatments for non-hospitalized patients. Initially there was a lot of skepticism about the evidence for mAb on EMA, but they are part of the current NIH treatment guidelines, I'd be interested to hear your experts opinions on whether these are worthwhile.

Ian L. -

Any more analysis on the Monoclonal antibodies for at risk patients as early as possible ?
Who is deciding on whether to initiate such treatment and any information on how many doses have been given ?

John V. -

I just want to take the mask off. How many jabs will I need?

E. F. B. -

I am feeling pressured to prescribe REGEN-COV (casirivimab 600 mg and imdevimab 600 mg) to minimally symptomatic Covid patients. What is the scoop on this regimen? I am reticent to add to the confusion and to recommend treatments that are unproven.

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