Molnupiravir for COVID-19


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Ian L. -

A press release by Gilead on September 22 2021 reported that intravenous Remdesivir for three days given early within four days of diagnosis in the infective phase to 279 patients as compared to 279 in placebo at risk of progression reduced hospital admission and death by 87 % . Hospital Admission in the IV remdesivir group was 0.7 % in the placebo group 5.3 % . With regards to death at day 28 it was 4/246{1.6 %] in the treated group and 21/252(8.3 ) in the placebo group . With acute viral illness very early ,prodromal and post exposure treatment seems to be very important as in Hsimplex H zoster Influenza and HIV . Also be interested to know the analysis of monoclonal antibody therapy thus far in the USA .

Silver Surfer -

Now that study data have been published, one can see significant flaws that suggest no benefit, or at least no proof of benefit, to Molnupiravir in early covid infection.
DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2116044
The study concludes a reduction in hospitalization or death from 9.7% to 6.8%, but placebo and control groups had important differences at baseline that favor the treatment arm. The placebo group had higher percentages of men, DM, age >= 50, age >= 60, chronic kidney disease, active cancer, and COPD.

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