Omicron and Caseloads: A Numbers Game


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John C. -

Just a comment on N95 masks.
There are N95 masks out there that have one way valves for expired air.
We should remind people that these masks do not provide any protection for others should you be infected, and that these are not the masks we should be wearing.

John Cunningham
Physician Assistant

SD -

great update!

Thanks for touching on Paxlovid. It has a bunch of drug interactions, cp450 effects, and concerns for resistance that make it seem a bit more complicated that the easy script I was hoping for. It'd be helpful if you guys had a segment on prescription guidelines on this.


Ian L. -

Certainly the data is that the Omicron is causing markedly less severe disease six times less severe and better in the triple and even double vaccinated . As for the South African situation the majority are unvaccinated and yet there is much less severe disease . So to prevent hospital admission it is vaccination , rapid antigen tests just before going out ,indoor masks with physical spacing, air conditioning on and windows part open . For Outdoor Entertainment and Dining you need many layers of clothes still physical distancing Tents or Constructed Verandas limited alcohol and in Spain masks are obligated . The anti-viral Paxlovid is looking good .

Chris H. -

Yet another surge in my area of what I assume is Omicron. Of the 100 or so positives I have seen, I have admitted a grand total of 0. Whole families are positive but not horrible. About 50/50 as to infected vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Love the info on Paxlovid

Mel H. -

Paxlovid review coming soon.

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