EMRAP 2021 February PA Edition

Fred -

APP postgraduate article that we talked about.

Tsyrulnik A, Goldflam K, Coughlin R, et al. Implementation of a Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine Residency Within a Physician Residency. West J Emerg Med. 2020;22(1):45-48. Published 2020 Dec 14. doi:10.5811/westjem.2020.11.49052


Ann V., P.A. -

Thanks for sharing this important pilot study!

Lee M., DMSc,PA-C, CAQ-EM -

Great session as always Natalie and Fred, really a highlight of EMRAP monthly! Great interview Cary Stratford on practicing in Rural CAH, of course I have a slight bias as we work at the same hospital, looking very much forward to the 2nd part of the interview!

Fred -

Thanks Lee! Glad you're enjoying it!

Micah S. -

I appreciate y’all’s discussion on Prescription Monitoring Programs. This was a great review of their usefulness, but I feel it misses an important point. They discuss those patients who have multiple prescriptions from multiple providers and pharmacies, and how to approach telling them no. It is of course a great thing to not feed the addiction, but this can also be viewed in a different way. A patient who shows up seeking pain medication and has a "dirty" PMP could be seen, instead of as 'drug seeking', as presenting with concerning signs for opiate use disorder and should at the very least be offered resources for help. Even better, take this opportunity to discuss initiating treatment here and now for opiate use disorder. I like to start with "have you ever tried buprenorphine? In addition to helping with cravings, it can help to treat pain while being significantly safer than the oxycodone you've been using". I've had many patients come in seeking pain meds and leave with a prescription for buprenorphine, a plan for follow up, and a new perspective (hopefully).

Fred -

Excellent points and completely agree. Thanks for commenting!

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