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Joshua W. -

Was there a subset of patients who only received a single dose of Moderna vaccine? The study design was to follow patients out several months after their vaccination, so I'm not sure how we can conclude an efficacy rate for single dose unless we followed patients who only had a single dose for 3+ months. Thanks!

Mel H. -

Joshua you are correct - the single dose efficacy is just what we know about SHORT term efficacy. They followed patients between doses and by 10-14 days after the first dose the vaccinate and placebo groups started to diverge. We don't know longer term single dose efficacy and this is why the 2 doses are recommended. But it can make you feel good that while awaiting dose no 2, by 2 weeks from dose 1, you are already getting some good protection.

Dallas H. -

It's important to think of 95% efficacy means one in twenty vaccinated can still get sick. This is not a panacea, we need to remain vigilant about our PPE.

Mel H. -

Yes - this is an important point...esp. as this bad boy mutates as well, we might not even have 95% for some variants

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