Global Initiative for Asthma Pediatric Guidelines

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Ian L. -

Many will take two inhalations of salbutamol 10 minutes before exercise particularly prior to exercise in cold air or before a swim either in a chlorinated pool or the colder sea .

ilene c. -

That makes sense. I have very mild ashma, but sometimes feel it running in the cold air (although the discomfort is largely eclipsed by my cold uritcaria!!!!)

tom f. -

I thought there had been in the past warnings of potential death/ morbidity from overuse (more than 2 puffs q 12 hours?) of the long- acting beta agonist inhalers... but I believe you even said, Ilene, 10-12 inhalations a day, combined with a steroid inhaler... that is certainly new news for me... thank you, again

tom fiero, merced

ilene c. -

I know! This article talks about safely quadrupling the dose for 1-2 weeks
Ther Clin Risk Manag. 2007 Jun; 3(2): 349–359.
Published online 2007 Jun. doi: 10.2147/tcrm.2007.3.2.349
PMCID: PMC1936317
PMID: 18360644
A smarter way to manage asthma with a combination of a long-acting β2-agonist and inhaled corticosteroid
Olof Selroos

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