Cardiological Manifestations of COVID-19


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James W. -

Great lecture!
Just a clarification question for a statement made at the end of the lecture.

Was that 11,000 cases prevented, 550 hospitalizations prevented, 138 ICU admissions and 6 deaths prevented for every million vaccinated?

Thanks for your time and expertise. This was very helpful.

Tripp Winslow

Anand S. -

Tripp - yes. 11,000 cases, 550 hospitalizations and 138 admissions, 6 deaths per million vaccinated

James W. -

Thanks. You all are great!

Ian L. -

Can myocarditis occur early in the infection and is it a cause of sudden deterioration and even death early in the disease in the infective phase . ? The importance is for monitoring patients at home when Covid 19 is mild in an otherwise low risk patient .

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EM:RAP 2021 July 20th Breaking News: Cardiological Manifestations of COVID-19 Full episode audio for MD edition 20:16 min - 23 MB - M4A