Department of Health and Human Services Release New Buprenorphine Guidelines


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tom f. -

Hi Reuben!
it's good to hear you again. (it's tom fiero from merced).
thank you for this
I took the 8 hour course.
our problem in Merced, ca is largely methamphetamines

Reuben Strayer (@emupdates) -

great, Tom!

amphetamine addiction is super challenging.

Nicholas F. -

I submitted my paperwork from the SAMHSA site the same night this was released. Took a few weeks to get my X-Waiver. I was very happy and have tried twice to prescribe now (Opiates/Opiods are not as frequent of an issue in Hawaii).

Both times my scripts have been declined. Apparantly, as I am not associated with any substance abuse clinics, I am only listed as being able to prescribe for "pain control" not for substance abuse prevention. Is this a mistake or the way the new X-Waiver guidelines are written?

Is there anyone else with this issue? I am going to contact the SAMHSA to se how I can fix this.

Reuben Strayer (@emupdates) -

If you are submitting the prescription with your DEA-X number (it starts with the letter X), and you are getting that feedback from your pharmacy, the problem is the pharmacy.

Any DEA-registered provider can prescribe buprenorphine for pain control; X-waivered docs are able to prescribe for OUD. You do not need to be affiliated with any clinic.

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