Oseltamivir Update

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In the Cochrane Trial Report by Jefferson et Al 2014-Oseltamivir as prophylaxis REDUCED Symptomatic Influenza by an RD of 3.05% in exposed patients and in household contacts by an RD of 13.6% .
On December 14 2022 the CDC USA recommended oseltamivirr for patients at high risk who had contracted influenza and as early as possible (within hours or on stat presentation ) and for Hospitalised Patients if suspected or lab confirmed
Outpatients at increased risk of influenza complications
For patients with progressive or severe influenza
Patients who are pregnant , less than two weeks post partum or immunocompromised
Children less than 5 years of age
In Institutional Settings as early treatment or post exposure prophylaxis
If Oseltamivir is unavailable baloxavir zanamvir or IV Peramivir can be used .
In Victoria Australia for Covid 19 very early use that is within 24 hours of Paxlovid found patients over 70 and at risk were 72% less likely to die and with Molnupiravir patients over 70 and at risk were 54% less likely to die .
Like Remdesivir used in hospital for a Year in 2020 was found to reduce death by 87% in at risk patients if used much earlier in the first 7 days of illness .

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