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No me gusta!

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brendan c. -

Seen it x 1
Work outside of DC. In DC there are at least 18 cases. Lesions are pretty painful. Un-roofing lesion for testing even more painful.
No one "sick" yet from this. Stay tuned..

Jake D. -

I had 3 cases of Monkeypox this week. All gay men in their 20s on PrEP who were at the San Francisco PRIDE parade with multiple partners without protection. One was completely asymptomatic, just had one asymptomatic, cratered papule on his scrotum. He thought it was a chancre, but tested negative for Syphilis. the day after I saw him, it he developed a group of clusters on his right shoulder. In 2 days, our method for testing, and lab changed. It's no longer recommended to unroof lesions, just vigorously swab it.
Don't be thrown off by asymptomatic patient's with skin lesions like I was.

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EM:RAP 2022 Breaking News June 7th: Monkeypox Full episode audio for MD edition 17:26 min - 19 MB - M4A