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mike p. -

offered treatment with high risk kids. Can you elaborate on the conversation in general you have with parents re risks and benefits? How strongly are you offering these in the non-hospitalized patient group with maybe one or two risk factors that otherwise appear relatively well. Is it enough to document "offered" since the benefits are questionable at best for the majority of kids? Is this mostly defensive because of guidelines recommendations alone or are you actually aggressively recommending in all or only very high risk groups and hospitalized patients? Thank you!

ilene c. -

Sorry if I misstated! I prescribe for high-risk kids. I guess offer is a nice way of saying that, but I usually offer in the way of writing a Rx. I have never had a parent refuse, but if they did, I would have a risk benefit conversation and document. For non-high-risk kids within the first 48 hours, if they are pretty sick and I am worried about them coming back with dehydration, then I will discuss risks and benefits with the parents. Other kids, I really don't offer. Benefits are small, esp in healthy kids, and many kids with the flu have alot of GI sx at baseline. To test and treat a bunch of healthy kids so that they can come back with MORE vomiting!

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