Show Intro: Mel's Big Announcement

Big things are coming for EM:RAP! Keep an eye out for our new board review course, “Crunch Time,” with our board review question bank, “Crunchy Qs,” as well as LLSA prep. All of this is coming to you with the hefty price increase of... $0.00. In the second half of the year keep your eyes peeled for EM:RAP’s new non-profit and our new primary care podcast, “Right on Prime.” Mel also announces the EM:RAP conference at ACEP 2018, EM:RAP’s presence at the Conceptos conference in Chile and SEMPA in San Antonio, TX.

Matthew W. -

Awesome news! Will the CrunchTime replace the HippoEM board review or will they remain separate products? Thanks again!

Mel H. -

HIPPO is a separate company, no idea of their plans but CrunchTime will be great out of the box then continuously improved and updated and cost you no extra :)

Judy Peck, M.D. -

Wow! That’s awesome. Fire. Wheel. Sliced bread. Apple. Amazon. EMRAP. Thanks from a truly grateful listener.

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