EMRAP Live COVID-19 Update | March 19th 2020

Join Doctors Dave Talan, David Schriger, Jessica Mason, and Mel Herbert as we cover the latest on co-infection rates, ACE and ARBS, the PCR test, what to expect in the coming weeks, and much more.

Steve U., M.D. -

I work in a community hospital and We are starting to see our pulmonary service not admitting some of our patients with pneumonias who probably have Covid-19. Unfortunately, this seems uncharted territory since the traditional predictors of prognosis in Pneumonia (CURB-65, etc.) may not apply to Covid-19 patients. Besides the obvious criteria for admission ( ie resp distress and hypoxemia) are you using markers such as d-dimer, LDH, or CRP or you admitting all these patients? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Mel H. -

Yesterday we published on audio update on this topic.

Christina M. NP -

Is it possible to get links in the downloads section for the graphics, stats, etc that are discussed in each of these live updates?

Stephen S. -

These presentations is are great. Thanks

Samantha M. -

Hi! Where is the google doc to make a submit a video for the producers to ask the population to stay home? Thanks!

Michel L. -

If the Ro of influenza is a bit higher than 1 and COVID-19 a bit higher than 2, I wonder if any epidimiologists have looked at how long it would take with social distancing / closing restaurants, or with strict quarantine, we should essentially stop seeing influenza (with the Ro decreasing below 1 due to change in behavior) and most cases we see are then more likely to be coronavirus

Alexander G. -

Thanks for all these video and audio casts. They are are really useful.
Any news on availability of viral filters for vents and ambu bags. What do we do when we eventually run out?

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