EM:RAP Live: COVID-19 Update | December 16, 2020

As we approach a new surge in the global pandemic, many regions that were previously spared are seeing a rise in cases and a strain on resources. The team is back this month with updates on therapeutics, critical care and the latest on the multisystem inflammatory disorder associated with Covid-19.

Adam D. -

how is this affecting kids, I’m mostly rural and do not see them much, is it as mild as some folks suggest in kids? Is there specific advantages kids have for not being infected? (Difference in receptor binding?) is the rates of pedi Kawasaki inflammatory like syndrome still a strong issue? (I’m really in the dark an a few hours away from pedi tertiary care currently)

-is this new variant from England as scary as the lay media suggests? Also I’m at a loss, do we have similar sero typing in our country? Just for comparison Recently my facility ran out of tests, so our turnaround time was over 3days!

-the post COVID syndrome, is it a thing? Is it frequent? I know what social media says but not sure about real word, In My N of 4 the providers who have had it all recovered well

Thanks for an awesome product; it literally has become my only connection with formal emergency medicine recently

Nick P. -

The evidence is just as bad for the vaccine. So why are we pushing that? And we don't know the vaccine's long term side effects. We do know the long term side effects for ivermectin.

Mel H. -

I fundamentally disagree with this statement Nick P. The vaccines have been trialed in hundreds of thousands of patients in randomized trials. Post vaccine surveillance has now been done on millions of patients. They are safe and remarkably effective. The vaccine was specially created for this virus. Ivermectin was created for parasitic infections with a completely different molecular structure. While it is excellent for these parasitic infections there is no good reason to think they would work in Covid. In fact now we are getting randomized trials for Ivermectin in COVID and it is showing that it is ineffective.

See: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2777389

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