Compassion Fatigue

Greg L. -

My problem with compassion fatigue is not with the sick patients. It is those with the minor complaints. I find it difficult to take the time to be empathic with them and explain why I think there is nothing seriously wrong. I need to get back to the sick patients that really need my attention.

Micah S. -

I'm frequently in the same boat. The way I combat that specific compassion fatigue is reminding myself about a few things: 1. In my city, it's currently ridiculously hard to get a PCP. 2. Perhaps nobody actually told this person what the ED is for (I try to kindly but directly inform them what the ED is about as I discuss return precautions). 3. Yes, there are sick patients that need my attention right now, but I trust my colleagues and I try to remind myself that this patient in front of me at this moment is "my patient" and deserves all the care and attention that the title implies.

Reminding myself of these things doesn't always work, I still often want to ask "what the f**k were you thinking coming to the ED in the middle of a pandemic for a UTI?!" But it's worth the effort.

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