EMRAP Live COVID-19 Update | March 31st 2020

On this week's Edition of EM:RAP Live, join Drs. David Talan, Sara Crager, Anand Swaminathan, Jess Mason, Sean Nordt, Amal Mattu, Stuart Swadron, and Mel Herbert for the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will include the latest from NYC, cardiac manifestations, convalescent serum, management of ARDS in the ED, vertical transmission and pediatric cases, steroid use, the efficacy of intubation, and the latest literature.


11:00 Vertical Transmission

16:58 Update from New York

26:05 Mortality and Intubation Data

42:42 ECMO

45:02 Best Intubation Practices

57:58 Hypoxia

1:08:07 COPD and Asthma

1:12:26 Cardiovascular

andrew w. -

where do I get that discrete psa to share on social?

Tracy G. -

Andrew, You can share this link to the video on YouTube: • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7PMvJJztAA&t=14s

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