EM:RAP LIVE: COVID-19 Update | April 14th 2020

Join Drs. Sara Crager, Thomas DeLoughery, Mel Herbert, Michael Katz, Amal Mattu, Sean Nordt, David Schriger, Stuart Swadron, Anand Swaminathan, and David Talan for the latest in EM:RAP’s weekly COVID-19 coverage. During this week’s show we will discuss the latest literature, get an update from New York, hear a first-hand testimonial on the acquisition and use of convalescent plasma, get the latest on permissive hypoxemia, understand why COVID-19 patients are clotting and what to do about it, and discuss just how exactly do we return to “normal” if we have no vaccine.



00:03 Intro and Updates

06:30 Reports from the Front Line

15:15 I Gave Convalescent Plasma

31:20 PEs, Clots, What to Do

47:05 Critical Care Update

57:33 Therapeutics Update

01:27:40 Risk and Return

01:24:00 COVID is not HAPE

01:31:40 Covid Cardiac Corner

01:42:20 Notes from Chile and Closing Remarks

Stephen W. -

Great discussion. Is there really any reason to order a d-Dimer, LDH, Ferritin, CRP or Procalcitonin in patients who have what we all know is SARS-COV2? It doesn't seem like these tests add much to what we already know and what we are going to do. I think Jerry Hoffman would agree, let's not order a test just to order a test....

James J. -

I have no data to base this on but I'd suspect since these lab values are typically abnormal in this pt population we could trend these values to monitor improvement/declination of pt status.

Doug S. -

Would love to hear the group's thoughts on the recently published protocol from the "Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group" (https://covid19criticalcare.com) which advocates a cocktail of Vitamin C, steroids, and LMWH. They claim impressive results in sick patients, and far lower intubation rates. Would appreciate any advice on these interventions in the next live event. Thanks for everything, great discussions!

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