EM:RAP LIVE: COVID-19 Update | April 21st 2020

Join Drs. Susy DeMeester, Mel Herbert, Evie Marcolini, Jessica Mason, Sean Nordt, David Schriger, Jan Shoenberger, Stuart Swadron, Anand Swaminathan, David Talan, and Peter Viccellio for the latest in EM:RAP’s weekly COVID-19 coverage. During this week’s show we will discuss the latest literature, get updates from our docs on the front line, discuss emerging neurological and dermatologic manifestations of the disease, review the ins and outs of serological testing, and check out some HUGE new papers on seroprevalence. We will also examine the various risks to healthcare workers and how to prepare your ED for the coming surge.

Norman P. -

I have been reading virtually everything I can re: covid19. There were 2 studies I saw, one in CA and one in NY where the providers were treating with HCQ, but they included Zinc in the regimen. Will Zinc make a difference? I know Zicam has marketed the product to treat colds etc (? other coronaviruses?). So, question #1. Will zinc work to help slow or stop an acute infection?

Another article mentioned that blood type A+ is the most commonly infected type. So, Question #2. Would Rhogam work.

David S. -

Why do we not just perform a confirmatory/2nd antibody tests in all the positive cases? The chance of two false positives is reasonably low, even with a specificity in the 80s-90s. Same concept as for HIV testing.

Bradford R. -

Thoughts on pts not coming because they would rather die with loved ones at their sides than risk dying alone in the hospital.

Are they avoiding the ED just because of COVID (risk of infection) & our message to stay away. Are they also avoiding the ED because they know that once they get here, their loved ones will be locked out & they will be alone.

Nick P. -

Does anyone have a link to the study of exposed medical personnel to an unknown coronavirus patient?

Nick P. -


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