EM:RAP LIVE: COVID-19 Update | May 12th 2020

Join Drs. Scott Brewster, Sara Crager, Britt Guest, Mel Herbert, Jerry Hoffman, Heidi James, Sean Nordt, Evie Marcolini, Jess Mason, David Schriger, Stuart Swadron, David Talan, and Penny Wilson for the latest in EM:RAP’s weekly COVID-19 coverage. During this week’s show we will get updates from the front lines across the world, discuss a step-wise approach to oxygenation, hear expert perspectives on serology and mutations, learn about the newest trials, and get an update on neurological manifestations. We will also have a live poll about gatherings of EM clinicians in the future. We have a great show planned for you. Don’t miss it!

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