EM:RAP LIVE: COVID-19 Update | June 2nd 2020

Mel and the team have a fantastic show planned for you tonight. Our expert guests will give you the latest updates on therapeutics, pediatric syndrome, cardiac manifestations, ICU care, and reports from faculty and friends on the front lines around the world. We will also conduct a critical review of Remdesivir, discuss who and when to anticoagulate, and thoroughly review what we know to date about this disease and what still remains unknown. 


00:00 Intro

04:45 COVID-19 - What We (think) We Know, What We Don’t

10:50 Words that Stuart Uses That You Don't Know

11:42 CorePendium Chapter Updates

14:57 Reports from the Front Line

26:25 Therapeutics Update

46:12 Questions from the Chat Room

53:35 Pediatric Update

01:11:23 Who Should We Anticoagulate?

01:18:30 Contact Tracing

01:22:40 Questions from the Chat Room

01:23:20 Shabam -Thinking in Probabilities

01:27:31 Farewell


Link to Shabam - Thinking in Probabilities: https://youtu.be/REizWkvaWrc

Peter B., M.D. -

Are you aware of recent article by Dr. Harvey Risch (Yale Epidemiologist) about use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin or doxycycline on covid-19 outpatients with obesity and co-morbidities? Would be interested in your take on his article.

Pete Baye, MD

Mel H. -

This is the article: https://kopernio.com/viewer?doi=10.1093%2Faje%2Fkwaa093&token=WzYyNjE1OSwiMTAuMTA5My9hamUva3dhYTA5MyJd.wKH_IxTBRYT8MbKwb6j3mN4O6p4

Frankly I find his reasoning pretty weak and if we have learned anything it is that we need real data. The data he quotes is pretty crappy. We should soon get the HERO study of 15,000 health care workers randomaized, blinded. placebo controlled, then we will have something to talk about.

Mike H., MD -

Thank you for your kind words in the beginning Mel!

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