April 2018

LLSA 2017 - Introduction

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No me gusta!

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Nicely done!! Excellent breakdown of the necessary educational pearls.

Would you consider this type of a review for recent prior years LLSA?

FYI- 2018 LLSA has been released on the ABEM website.

G Payne

Mel H. -

Yes 2016 and 2018 coming soon(ish)


Worth the wait. Thank you

Sarmed (Sam) A. -

Great job guys! Happy to see this content added to the already outstanding package that is EM:RAP.

Mario P., MD -

Mel, is that a picture of your son?

Mel H. -

Arrr what picture

Dane O -

Dr. Herbert,
Great content as always. I'm really just commenting to get a shoutout from you, which I will read in your accent.

Mel H. -

Well Dane O. what up!!

Milton S. -

By jove.................well done!

Nicholas L. -

Will this content eventually end up in it's own subsection on the website and app?

Mel H. -

Yes. It will snd have its own CME etc

Nicholas L. -

Awesome. Thanks for all of the great content!

Russell J. -

This is the greatest of all the great EM:RAP ideas. Thanks!

Mel H. -

More and better ideas coming!

Kamila S. -

This was amazing!! Thanks!!

Amy H. -

This is awesome. Thank you!!

Jeff -

Great job as always, guys! Just did the '17 exam and, with your help, it was a breeze! Thanks!

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