April 2018

Paper 12 - Venous Thromboembolism

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Ian L. -

Which Superficial vein thrombosis cases are sever enough to warrant Anticoagulation and for How Long
For example an Superficial vein thrombosis of the calf in a patient with cancer that is 5 cm long and red in a patient who has varicose veins ?

Anand S. -

Ian - great question with no certain answer. We covered more of this topic on EMRAP in 2016. Check that out
In general, I'm most worried about superficial clots when they are near deep veins. If they're getting close, I would treat. Often this is done in conjunction with vascular or with the PCP weighing risks and benefits.

Anand S. -

One other link reviewing the topic

Wesley M. -

Love these LLSA reviews. On target!! Passed all three first time!

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