April 2018

Paper 2 - Aortic Dissection

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Rob B., M.D. -

LLSA 2017 # 3 paper #2. Mel and Swami.
By CTA do they mean a PE study only. Our rads always say to
get a more involved aortic dissection study but one rad told me
a chest CTA PE study will pick up 98% of aortic dissections.
Be great not to do the dissection study, especially when our
suspicion is relatively low. Also, a negative D-Dimer with a
negative PE CTA would hopefully be reinforcing.
R. Bates MD
Thanks, Rob Bates

Anand S. -

Rob - unfortunately, it's got to be a CTA for dissection. The CT PE study isn't timed correctly to get an optimal look at the aorta. However, a CTA is very likely to pick up any significant PE

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