April 2018

Paper 3 - Angioedema

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Ian L. -

Treatment of ACE induced angioedema with plasma derived C1 esterase inhibitor with good efficacy is reported .
Lipski S et al Clinical Case Report 2015 Feb3(2) 126-130
Hermanrud T et al Case Report Emerg MED 2016
Lei red M et al JPharm practice 2017 Dec 30 668-671.
Hermanrud T et al note that about 40 million people are treated with ACE inhibitors and with a incidence of Angioedema of up to 2% up to 400,000 people will suffer angioedema from the ACE inhibitor class yearly .
The number of severe cases that approach or are life threatening are not described .
In Heriditary Angioedema there is a C1Esterase Deficiency or Dysfunctionality which can be measured .
A PubMed search on C1 esterase Deficiency or Dysfunctionality in ACE inhibitor induced angioedema did not reveal any studies as yet but if found true could enable the avoidance of the ACE inhibitor in at risk groups .

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