EM:RAP Update with Mel

Mel has an apology, some thank yous, and announcements!

Robert A. -

I love EM:RAP. I have been in practice for 32 years now. I keep up better now than ever before because of the improvement in educational material such as yours. I would like to say thanks. I reviewed some complaints about discounts recently which I found short sighted. The amount of vaule you get from EM:RAP and Essentials of Emergency Medicine far exceeds the minimal cost. Your product is an outstanding value. Let the decenters go back to multiple out of date text books and they will quickly learn how much money and time they are saving. I am fellowship trained in US and continue to work hard at practicing the standard of care. Thank you once again. I do wish someone would do a section on 2 areas. #1 Airway management. You should always have a back up plan in place if your initial attempt fails. Doctors who do not approach airway with a back plan in place does the patient and all ER doctors a disservice. Lay out your LMV,Blade, Bougie and Videoscope otherwise you are teaching your nurses and residents bad habits. Arroyance will kill more people than ignorance. #2 Shift Change - Schedules should have overlap between shifts - time for the day doc to finish and time to let the new doc coming on getting started without numerous confusing handouts. If you do not have overlap built into your schedule - call Greg Henry - You will learn this lesson from him very quickly. Sincerely, Brock Allen M D

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