Atrial Fibrillation ADP - Part 2 - Rate Control and Anticoagulation

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No me gusta!

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Sean G., M.D. -

I know that Mel has poured vast millions in revenues from EMRAP to buy voice modulators and high tech fart machines...but I can not get over the fact I believe the sound effect to simulate "going back in time" during this segment was old school Mel just ad libbing with no computer that true? Is Mel making that noise? It sure sounds like it. This is a question of utmost importance.

Whit F. -

Hey there you crazy kids. Does Cam have any strong thoughts on digoxin for rate control? You know, for that super-teeny 98 year old who's got aortic stenosis and a wimpy blood pressure but isn't really deteriorating in front of your eyes? Perhaps in an instance with a family member( with the bad home-perm) who refuses to even consider allowing you to cardiovert grandpa? I know dig takes a long time to work, but every once in a while our cardiologists (even the young ones!) will recommend it. Thoughts? Should it just be thrown in the dumpster?

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