Stupid Mistakes - Mel and Rob

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No me gusta!

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brendan c., m.d. -

Am really disappointed this is not FULL of war stories, so let me begin. 2nd month intern in the CCU where we ran oversight. Overheard an attending telling the resident "give beta blockers until they are symptomatic". This was 1995 when EVERYONE got 3 rounds of IV beta-blocker for rule-out MI. This guy was ruling in so I thought....why not the attending said.
At rounds the next morning when the patient was in trendelenburg and pressors were getting started by the resident, I thought I would be vindicated when the attending got there. (after the resident had lit into me!!) It was a new attending that day and when I asked Mr XXX how he was feeling (upside down) he said----> "I feel like a tiger!!" with a systolic of 60. Ahh the good old days. When mistakes were correctable.

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