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No me gusta!

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Sean G., M.D. -

Hi I downloaded the EM:RAP app on my Iphone. My Podcast app has downloaded all emrap episodes automatically since about 2002...I guess its inception. The EM:RAP app doesn't seem to have anything downloaded. Do I have to open each episode individually and select "download episode"? If I do I don't see how this is superior to Podcasts.....

Sean: for now the answer is yes. We will be iterating on this app a lot in the months and years ahead. So you are wanting a ? "download all" kind of a function. I am sure we can create that in future versions. This V1.0 is just to get our feet wet and many more features to come!


John B. -

The quiz questions were not written by someone with OCD. There were a couple of questions with minor errors in them.
OCD in Pacific Palisades

Sean G., M.D. -

Yeah Mel that would be good as well as a option to choose "automatically download new episodes when attached to wifi, or if possible even without wifi. My podcast app dl the new episodes when my phone is on a wifi, actually they appear for dl but I think I need to click "download" still that is a nice fxn cause I dont have to log in to see the latest episode. Hey Mel Thank u for all u do! I got to tell you EMRAP has made me a much better doc, and for sure has saved a few of my patient's lives in the process. It has completely changed the way I view my job. even picking up US on the fly now as it happened after I grad, but just by watching videos I caught a case of tamponade (early) two weeks ago that would have otherwise wallowed in my rural(incompetent) ICU and probably died when the resident was called to see the crashing pt.....Still can't tube for shit with a video neither glidescope or intubrite versions, thankfully im pretty handy with DL.

Hendrik V. -

Is there an option for the app to play everything? I listen to EMRap on iphone but find with the new app it stops after every segment and does not automatically continue. this is a hassle when driving. Is there a setting I should change?

William G. -

I prefer the current 2 column format of the written summary. Much easier to read, less busy, easy on the eyes.

Growing pains of a new app. It will get better.

Thanks Mel

Stacie O., M.D. -

I am having the same problem with the app that it won't play every segment through. I have to open the app again to get the next section going each time.
I also really liked how previously, when it was played through iTunes, when you tapped the home button without unlocking the screen, there was a control that you could rewind it 30 seconds to hear something over again that you had either missed or wanted to hear again. There is no setting like this on the new app, you just have to manually rewind or go all of the way back to the beginning of the segment.

Annette W. -

I'm running out of memory on my iPod. How do I delete old episodes in the EM:rap application?

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