Paperchase2 - Etomidate - Sepsis - RSI

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brendanC -

Waiting for Sacheti.......

Dallas Holladay, DO -

I am currently rotating in the ICU and yesterday one of the fellows lamented she wished the ED would stop using etomidate in septic patients. I set to the task of finding evidence that single dose etomidate is OK since that's the general consensus among all my ED attendings. I pulled up this article, so excited we might put this debat to bed. However, after reading this article, I'm don't think we can conclude etomidate is OK in septic patients since none of the patients in this study were septic. We can conclude that single dose etomidate in non-septic patients doesn't result in worse outcomes or sepsis but I don't think we can extrapolate much more. No holy grail yet.

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