Hair Apposition Technique

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For simple scalp lacerations that have been cleaned, this technique involves twisting hairs together on opposite sides of the wound and applying skin glue for closure. No sharps needed! Presented by Jess Mason, MD.

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Chris -

How do you make sure there's no hair sticking inside the wound to prevent infection when it begins to heal over?

Alon M. -

I've done dozens of these by now, on children, adults, the elderly, had no complications and haven't had an issue with hair strands getting stuck in the wound cause delay in healing or infection. I don't usually use any topical anesthesia or any other anesthesia for that matter.

Pro Tip: if you need to make more than one hair tangle and want to use the same Dermabond pen, you can either create them ahead of the time and use clamps to hold them in place and apply the glue on all of them in a row or have an assistant dab dots of glue onto gauze to keep the tip of the pen from hardening before you're done using it while creating each hair tangle.

No need to return for removal, good for patients and good for overcrowding!

Qing W. -


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