Improper intubation and ventilation in patients with severe acidosis can be fatal. In Part 4 of the series, Dr. Crager highlights the key interventions.


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Fernando F. -

awsome explanation ,one of the best I have listened to,,,you are very didactic and teachingeffective ,made me to think and take into account many things all together
another good ponit is... thank you because your english for a dr in Spain is very clear and no so fast,,
people at the Em rap team ..congratulations with this Dr ,you have again get and fabolous singn up


Wow ! this lecture is excellent , thank you Dr Crager

Philip L. -

These have been amazing.

Sara Crager -

Thanks for all the positive feedback! This whole series is a bit of an experiment in process, and so please feel free to reach out and give us feedback and ideas as to what we could do to make it better and what you really want to hear about! Next episode we are sticking with acid base and going to try to simplify delta-delta...

chris l. -

Enjoying this excellent content. Thanks! Other ICU Fundamentals ideas: basic approach to the ventilator; pressors; approach to the "code blue" (in hospital cardiac arrest).

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