Ventilator Management Introduction

Dr. Sara Crager introduces "Ventilator Management 101" as the next lecture in her ICU Fundamentals series.

Christopher K. -

A very nice and succinct review; Agree that many would benefit from reviewing this and certainly the interns and residents on EM, Critical Care, Anesthesia rotations. Looking forward to 201. Thanks.


One of the best lectures I have ever had. Have tried to understand ventilator management for the last 2 years. Have been to 2 different workshops. But this series made things very clear by driving the basics into us. Special thanks to Dr. Sara Crager for doing this despite her busy schedule during this COVID period.

N P. -

Best series on vents I have heard. Loved the simplicity of the analogies used. Loved on the focus on understanding, not just using algorithms. Thanks so much Sara. You are an amazing instructor. I'm looking forward to 201.

Ryan S. -

GREETINGS; All the way from kashmir,listening to Sara Krager ,how lucidly she explained the basics of ventilator management Truly said ma'm u r an amaZING INSTRUCTOR

Sudhir P. -

Sara, you are to us the best teacher ever. You have a mind that totally understands your subject so well...many can do this....but FEW of us have the talent and the ability to translate that cognitive load into the facets and the underlying physiology to process and learn it then teach it so comprehensively. I truly do not know how to thank you enough!!
Dr S Pandya, Calgary, AB, Canada.

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