Ventilator Management Part II: Foundational Concepts

Dr. Sara Crager reviews foundational concepts in part two of her lecture on ventilator management.

Brian C. H. -

This is one of the most direct and excellent vent lectures i have heard. Well done

richard r. -

great review would love a written summary to hammer this into my head. thanks

Lance M. -

i recently asked about a C3 on ventilator management and then this comes out! really well done. sincerely appreciated.

Zachary M. -

It's magical how easy she made this daunting topic. Thank you!

Sudhir P. -

This entire series has never ever been done so well by anyone I know. Thank you!!!

Brent S. -

Love it! Super excited for 201!

Rob A. -

Bravo! Very well done! Thanks!

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