Ventilator Management Part IV: Troubleshooting

Dr. Sara Crager reviews troubleshooting in part four of her ventilator management lecture.

David K. -

Very well done. Any learner should watch this before their ICU rotation. Looking forward to the 201 lecture.

Drewry C. -

That was the best Vent lecture I ever heard. I appreciate how this was delivered with very concrete examples and explaining the why rather than a purely algorithmic approach. Can't wait for more on this series.

william s. -

probably the best Vent Management presentation I've ever seen. You have such a simplified way of explaining logic, and approaches, and it's far more memorable, than mnemonics. You have a very soft voice, and for those of us with hearing aids, it makes us listen closely, but if there is a way to amplify your voice, this old guy would appreciate it. Thanks ever so much, and stay safe

Stephanie P., PA-C -

What an amazing vent lecture. A fabulous teacher with such effective methods. Thank you so much, Dr. Crager!

Gary Ross, D.O. -

Really well done.!!! These lectures are the best I have ever heard on vent management. Not a bad compliment coming from someone in EM since '83. Thank you for spending the time to prepare these lectures. It shows that you put a tremendous amount of time and work in them. Thank for allowing us to partake and learn from you. I appreciate your talks, you have made your presentations extremely clear and practical.


Timothy M. -

I also greatly appreciate the time that you took to put these together - especially in light of everything that's going on. I'm certain that you have your hands full just with your clinical duties.

Suneth J. -

Excellent set of lectures! Clear practical explanations, great illustrations and clever metaphors. Thanks very much and looking forward to 201!

James F. -

Thank you for the best ventilator lecture I've ever had. It's disappointing that I completed my EM residency in 2000 and it's taken over 20 years to finally hear this information in such a well laid out and well presented manner. This comprehensive and EM-Rap'esque teaching format would've been great to have way back then. I look forward to more of your great lectures!

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