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No me gusta!

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Marshall C., M.D. -

More abour priapism And less about nonclinical stuff would be appreciated

Robert B. H., M.D. -

ditto above comment. R. Heacox,MD

Patrick R., M.D. -

Agreed. Maybe a proper segment on this topic in a future episode please. We have colleagues tackling this problem in isolated situations with no back-up.

Andrew M., M.D. -

I prefer the non-clinical stuff mixed in with the topics...makes it enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

Leonel L. -

Agreed on that last one. Enjoy the tidbits here to make me laugh while I learn and drive. Thanks guys.

Mel H. -

We will be doing a more complete priapism review soon - but there will be immature jokes.....

Jeremy J. B., M.D. -

lighten up listners. Segment is great.

Jeremy J. B., M.D. -


Phil F., M.D. -

Cannot get i tunes to give latest edition.
Thank you.
Phil F.

JP -

Yeah, I've subscribed, but still have to hook up ipad to PC and download everymonth... Weingart's EMCRIT just automatically downloads if you click on....

DUDE... :-D

tom w. -

If you go to the podcast page of iTunes and click refresh when EM:RAP is selected that should get your latest episode automatically to you if your not getting it. You must first subscribe to EMRAP by clicking on the link on the bottom of the right hand column on this page. Also you need to click "Settings" at the bottom of the itunes podcast window on your computer and make sure that "download all" is selected. Hope that helps..

Willard W. S., M.D. -

wow, more comments on priapism than any other medical topic this month. Guess we now know what everyone is really interested in!

Whit F. -

Quick question - usually I'm able to effectively treat priapism just with intracavernosal injections of phenylephrine. I use an insulin syringe. Stuart's comments made it sound as if you HAVE to aspirate as well...true or not? Is simply getting detumescence enough?

And - please keep EMRAP filthy and inappropriate. It's a blessing in a world full of clenchers.

Adam N. PA-C MS -

I think you guys should find a willing subject with priapism and do a procedure video.....any volunteers????? a little $ may need to be given for this job haha

Shawn L. -

Note to Rob Orman re: use of pigs in ATLS: Unless you're a vegan, you're contributing to the death of animals every day for a far worse reason (eating them) than learning potentially lifesaving medical procedures.

JP -

Keep it filthy, and on and off topic. We are ER docs for crying out loud, and we can handle it, and indeed prefer it when you speak to us in our language! PEACE.

Jeff B. -

Recommended phenylephrine use by my urology guys - take one 10mg/1mL phenylephrine vial and mix with 19mL of NS which gives you a concentration of 500mcg/1mL. Inject 1mL of solution into the cavernosum at the 1 or 11 o'clock position q5m until resolution of up to one hour (Source Up-To-Date) I have had about a 50% success rate with this.

Patrick S., M.D. -

For Valentine's Day my wife and I stayed up late and watched Wayne's World AND Wayne's World 2, and I think the content of this segment was both professional and totally mature. Cha!

Michael W. -

I am still listening to EM:Rap purely thanks to the non-clinical stuff. Don't ever change.

Daniel M. -

Love the non-clinical stuff, anyone can read a book. I'm so glad Mel called him out on the "Oral" I was definitely laughing at that one.

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