Mini Journal Club: Invasive Therapy for ACS

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Jeremiah Y., MD -

Readmission may not be equal to death, but if all end points are the same wouldn't you want one that avoids repeat admission?

David H Newman -

Good question!

Problem is that the endpoint is subjective (disposition, as EPs know, is entirely dependent upon who the doc is), so the endpoint is biased - i.e. it's not clear that the lower admission rate was due to the therapy.

But, presuming it is not an unreliable endpoint: Great! Invasive therapy reduces admissions by 5% (1 in 20). Would we want everyone to have an invasive procedure that costs about $15K and includes a 1/200 risk of major end organ damage, and a 1 in 10 chance of bleeding or other minor complication, just so that 1 in 20 people could avoid a later admission?

Doing invasive, dangerous, expensive therapies in everyone in order to avoid a hospital admission for 1 in 20 would be a strange trade-off.

Hope that answers the question.

Mazdak M., Dr -

Just wondering to know , what was the time frame for early invasive therapy ??

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